Video productions for cinema, music and advertising

Movi Production is a video production agency offering digital video production and post-production services for the film, advertising and music industries.

The agency has its own film equipment, thanks to which it is able to carry out turnkey audiovisual projects. This is why it is the ideal partner for independent productions and emerging talents.

What we do

for effective, original, unique visual communication

Our services

for your audiovisual project

Video Shooting

We produce high quality terrestrial video footage for cinema, music and advertising, from Full HD to 5K, on request up to 8K.

Post production

We take care of all the post-recording work: editing, color correction, sound design and original music.

Troupe and equipment

We have the necessary equipment of the latest generation and qualified operators for shooting and editing.


We offer our technical expertise for projects in partnership with other realities of the audiovisual sector.

Enhance your business, become "social".

Tell your story and make yourself known; social media allows you to enhance your activity, but only if you have the most appropriate communication tools. Movi Social allows you to create your photos and videos in a fast and professional way, to be present on social media in an effective way.


We want to create quality projects effectively. For this reason we are willing to undertake co-productions in partnership with brands and other companies working in the audiovisual sector. Are you ready to take this great opportunity?

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