About Us

"We've made creativity
our way of life."

Movi Production is the video production agency created by Martina Borzillo and Jacopo Marchini. It offers video production, digital post production and operator rental services. A high quality technical production that is proposed for cinema, music and advertising, but that is ready to take advantage of the possibilities that independent cinema can offer. For this reason, since its inception, it has dedicated a section to the independent production of short films, feature films and TV series thanks to the collaboration with artists and other realities of the Italian and international film scene.

MARTINA BORZILLO - Production Manager

Responsible for administrative and productive aspects.
Expert in production processes and set organization.
Contact person and coordinator of the human resources that make up the work crew.
He performs location scouting duties.

JACOPO MARCHINI - Director of Photography A.I.C. | m.a.

Since 2016 director of photography on several sets.
He has created photography for music videos and commercials, with particular specialization for the film industry.
Expert in cinematographic lighting technology and its systems and uses.
In 2019 he won the Best Photography award for the short film Eterna, awarded by the master of light Luca Bigazzi.
ENAC certified Drone pilot.


Passion for what we do

because visual communication is much more than just pressing the REC button.