From film to film
From filming on the set to the finished audiovisual product, with the help of digital tools

Post-production is the final stage in the production of an audiovisual product. Editing, color correction, audio and opening and closing credits: Movi Production manages the entire post-production process with digital tools and specialized professionals.

Video editing

The initial stage of post-production work is video editing, in which the right sequence of shots is established and joined together. Movi Production performs this fundamental phase of work with constantly updated assembly software, which operate on dedicated workstations managed by specialized professionals.


Sound Design and mix

The sound of a film is edited and perfected in post-production in different stages, ranging from the removal of any background noise, to the sound reconstruction of the environment (environmental noise, atmospheric events, etc.), to the correct mixing of sounds, music and voices. Movi Production manages the sound design and mix phases with expert professionals and cutting-edge technology, with such attention and care that they guarantee the highest quality.

Original soundtracks and music

The composition of the soundtrack can be the discriminating element between success and failure of a film, that's why Movi Production's collaborators include experienced professionals to whom to entrust the realization of the original music.

Color Correction

In order to improve the color and make the sequence of all the scenes as coherent as possible, color correction is performed, literally "color correction", a very important step in the post-production process because it not only corrects the colorimetry of the scenes, but it is the process by which you establish what emotion to transmit through the choice of colors, contrasts and saturations. Movi Production relies on the best software in use and a professional colorist for high quality results, as can be seen in the examples below.