The service for your projects
Production of high quality audiovisual products for cinema, advertising and music

Movi Production proposes itself as a video service for the realization of audiovisual products of the highest quality for cinema, advertising and music. Thanks to the professionalism both inside and outside the agency and to all the necessary equipment available, it proposes a "turnkey" work never seen before in this sector, which allows to have finished audiovisual productions, realized from the drafting of the concept to the post production.


Movi Production produces high quality terrestrial video footage from FullHD up to 5k with cinematic systems, video stabilization systems such as steadicam and ronin operators, focus puller and grip. Up to 8k can be registered on request.


Cinematographic photography

Director of photography, responsible for the visual impact of the images, is Jacopo Marchini, founder of Movi and associate member of AIC, who has gained numerous experiences on different film sets. Jacopo, as head of Movi's entire technical crew, takes care of the composition, choice and supervision of both the framing and camera movements, to visually achieve the effect desired by the director. He is also responsible for the lighting technology, and therefore for the atmosphere determined by the choice of lighting scheme on the set.

Qualified Operators

Movi Production has a highly qualified technical crew, composed of film professionals who work with the agency according to the needs of the audiovisual product to be made: camera operators, camera assistants, steadicam operators, focus puller, droners, electricians and grip. Depending on the needs, Movi also has at its disposal professionals in the artistic-creative sector, such as set designers, costume designers, make-up artists, hair stalists.